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The Investigations Division is responsible for providing professional investigative services to the citizens including the suppression, apprehension, and successful prosecution of criminals.

Release of Property

If the Grain Valley Police Department is in the custody of property which you believe you are the lawful owner of, and you wish to recover it, you will need to download and fill out the Property Release Request form in triplicate, or you may fill out a carbon copy of the form at the police department. However you fill out the form, it will need to be brought to the police department. Detectives will review it and be in contact with you regarding your property.

Property Release Request Form

Note: Property may not be immediately returned. Pending court cases, open investigations, etc. may delay the release of the property.

Release of Weapons

If you are requesting the release of a weapon, you will need to fill out the Weapon Release Request form. You will need to download and fill out the form in triplicate, or you may fill out a carbon copy of the form at the police department. However you fill out the form, it will need to be brought to the police department for review.

Weapon Release Request Form

A criminal history check will be completed on you (the owner) before the release of your weapon. The weapon will also be checked against several national databases. For this reason, please allow at least a minimum of 4–6 weeks for your request to be processed. You will be contacted by detectives when the required procedures have been completed.

Weapons will not be returned if:

  • You are not the owner of the weapon
  • You have an active ex parte full order of protection
  • You are currently on probation
  • You have been convicted of a felony
  • Your court case is pending
  • You have an active warrant for arrest

No ammunition will be returned
The Grain Valley Police Department does not store ammunition and all ammunition taken in for property is immediately destroyed.

About the Investigations Division

The Investigations Division follows up on reported crimes, through a standard assessment for investigation. All criminal cases come under strict investigative reporting and resolution guidelines to ensure the most effective use of time for investigation and criminal prosecution of perpetrators.

Detectives initiate or conduct follow-up investigations into a wide range of crimes to include crimes against persons, assaults, sexual offenses, drug offenses, crimes against property, offenses against the family (domestic violence), stealing, burglary, and crimes affecting public safety.

Detectives also have the responsibility for the collection, preservation, and use of physical evidence, background investigations, case file management, investigative accountability; follow-up investigative techniques, internal investigation arising from allegations of misconduct by department members, and case preparation for prosecution in the Municipal, State and Federal Courts.

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