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Public Meeting Notices

Board of Aldermen Meeting
December 12, 2022
Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting
December 14, 2022
Park Board Meeting
December 20, 2022
New Year's Day - observance
January 2, 2023
Board of Aldermen Meeting
January 9, 2023
Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting
January 11, 2023
Map of Grain Valley, Missouri, and surrounding areas.

About Grain Valley, Missouri

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life lies the growing, vibrant town of Grain Valley, Missouri. Intersected by Interstate 70, Grain Valley is the gateway to the KC metro, serving as both its welcome and farewell point. A hidden gem that might surprise you. Grain Valley embraces its small-town ideology while creating a rural-urban balance for residents and businesses. A community on the rise with an abundance of opportunity, friendly people and great vibes, Grain Valley is edging out expectations and pushing the limits of a small town.

Grain Valley is a young community with a median age of 33.6 years and a median household income of just over $74,000. Great schools, parks, affordable housing, available sites, and a ready workforce make Grain Valley a community focused on providing a high quality of life. Read more about our community, learn our history, connect with city government, sign up for programs from parks and recreation, and more via our new city website.