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posted on 10/14/20

In an effort to take action on the priorities identified by citizens in the most recent citizen survey, the Board of Aldermen has strategically focused resources towards road improvements over the last year. In the late 1990’s to early 2000’s, Grain Valley saw exponential growth in residential developments, including roadways. Due to the nature of the growth, a large majority of these roadways were installed around the same time and the City is now seeing that these roadways are all coming up for repairs in the same timeframe. Over the years, the City has gradually increased the amount of funds which have been budgeted for road improvements. However, it is clear that for the next several years, funds above and beyond the normal allocation need to be budgeted in order to maintain the road systems that are currently in place.

The 2020 budget included funds to complete a pavement condition assessment and analysis update on approximately 68 centerline miles of City maintained roadways. This assessment was recently completed and presented to the Board of Aldermen. The assessment provides a ranking for each individual road which will be utilized as a piece of the process to determine which roads will be addressed each year. The assessment helps the City create a pavement management plan which provides the maximum benefit with available funds. It is important to note that streets which are repaired while in good condition will cost less over their lifetime than those left to deteriorate to a poor condition. This assessment helps to create a performance model which identifies the optimal timing and rehabilitation strategy. Streets are prioritized by the amount of traffic each class carries. Arterials carry the most traffic followed by Collectors, which carry traffic to and through subdivisions and Local Roads carry the least amount. Since Collector streets carry more traffic than local roads and were the lowest rated class of streets in the City’s street network, the initial part of the program is designed to concentrate on collectors first and local roads second. While the City begins the initial rehabilitation identified in this model, roads that are salvageable at a lower cost may emerge at the top of repairs lists before roads that have deteriorated to the point of full reconstruction.

To make significant initial progress, the Board of Aldermen approved an additional $500,000 to be added to the budget for a total of $840,000 in repairs this year. Work on these roads will occur in October 2020. The 2021 budget proposes $1,082,000 in additional projects. Depending on the specific road, work could include asphalt overlays with limited deep patching, curbs and ADA ramp reconstruction and striping. The following roads are proposed to be repaired over the next two years:

2020 Current Capital Improvement Plan Budget: $340,000 (To Address Previously Identified Roads in the Capital Improvement Plan)

  • Shorthorn-Sni-A-Bar to Cross Creek
  • Cross Creek-Sni-A-Bar to Ryan
  • Brome-Sni-A-Bar to Clover
  • Nelson-Shorthorn to SW Cross Creek
  • Rockhill-SW Cross Creek to East Dead End
  • Abar Court-Foxtail to North Dead End
  • Woodbury-Buckner Tarsney to Valley Ridge
  • SW Cross Creek-Ryan to South Dead End

2020 Additional Requested Budget: $500,000 (To Address Pavement Condition Assessment Identified Roads)

  • Sni-A-Bar Blvd-Eagles Parkway to SW Cross Creek
  • Meadow Rd.-Hwy 40 to RD Mize
  • EE Kirby-Railroad to Eagles Parkway
  • James D Rollo-Main St to East Dead End
  • Cypress/3rd Streets-Broadway to Main

2021 Proposed Budget: $1,082,000

  • Eagles Parkway-West City Limits to Minter Road
  • Dillingham Rd-Duncan to Crestwood
  • Hedgewood-Duncan to Rosewood
  • Valley Ridge Dr-Jefferson Rd to Woodbury
  • RD Mize Rd- Barr Rd to Valley Woods
  • Barr Road-Sawgrass to RD Mize
  • Montana Ridge-Sni-A-Bar to South Dead End
  • Rosewood Drive-Duncan to Birch Court
  • Nelson Court-Nelson to south dead end
  • Meadowood Dr- Nelson to Ridgeview
  • Westview Dr-Meadowood to Ridgeview
  • Sunset Dr-Meadowood to Ridgeview
  • Gateway Dr- Meadowood to Harvest
  • Muriel Dr- Meadowood to Ridgeview
  • Ridgeview Dr- Creek Ridge to Gateway
  • Broadway St-Kirby to Concord Cir
  • Oak St-Eagles Pkwy to Broadway
  • Dean Rd-West end to Dni-A-Bar
  • Joseph Court-South end to Hillsboro
  • Joseph Lane-Joseph Court to Dean
  • Ginger Hill Dr-Mountain View to Lakeview
  • Mountain View Court-Lakeview to South dead end
  • Clover Court-Ginger Hill to Dead end
  • Ambush Court-Ginger Hill to Dead end