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posted on 5/2/22

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life — just east of Kansas City — lies the growing, vibrant town of Grain Valley, Missouri. Situated just 30 minutes from downtown, intersected by Interstate 70, Grain Valley is the gateway to the KC metro, serving as both its welcome and farewell point. A place where many proudly come home, bid adieu to the big city and are greeted by a quiet, quaint way of life, enveloped by open spaces and smiling faces. More than just a passing fancy, this hidden gem might surprise you.

A community of cul-de-sacs with neighborhoods woven together by walking trails. Where children still play outside and walk to high-performing schools. Neighbors cruise around on golf carts and host block parties. Driveway get togethers are common and backyard fire pits often light the night. A safe space where many residents know one another — and still wave hello while strolling the streets. A place where people look out for each other, and city events are a festive reason to come together. This town is still somewhat small, and that’s just fine.

In fact, Grain Valley embraces the small town ideology, because those in the know realize it is a community on the rise with an abundance of opportunity, friendly people and great vibes. Often overlooked from those outside of the community, Grain Valley is growing. In a class of its own, Grain Valley is pushing the limits of a small town. It is an exurb. Making its transition from rural to suburban, located on the fringe of a large metropolitan area. This exurb is a district outside of Kansas City, a prosperous area beyond the suburbs.

That’s Grain Valley. What used to be considered a rural town, today is home to larger, more mainstream suburban development with additional growth on the brink of happening. While suburbs lie just outside of the city, an exurb is farther out, beyond the suburbs, with an economic and commuting connection to the metro area.

With everything you need, and most of what you want close by, there’s just something about Grain Valley. Multi-generational and multicultural, welcoming and caring, energetic and laid back, humble and hard working. Whether you are here to raise a family or retire peacefully, Grain Valley has a lot to offer. But we’re not done yet. We are still building and still booming. With forward thinking leadership, the city is at a tipping point. Pushing boundaries and edging out your expectations. Allow us to introduce you to Grain Valley.