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posted on 5/13/24

The Grain Valley Police Department is excited to announce its move into a new facility located at 719 R.D. Mize Rd, Grain Valley, MO. During our open house on Wednesday, May 8th, attendees had the opportunity to tour the new building and see firsthand its design, which accommodates future expansion and includes enhanced security features.

The new facility offers a range of improvements to better serve our community, including more secure holding facilities, long-term solutions to meet state police requirements, improved records storage, secure evidence processing areas, and safer environments for our staff, officers, and visitors.

As we transition to our new building, please note that phone lines and extension numbers will be temporarily down. For non-emergent situations, please contact the Jackson County Non-Emergency Dispatch at (816) 795-1960. For emergencies, continue to dial 9-1-1.

*We will update this statement when extension lines resume to normal.*


Update 5/17/2024: Phone services have resumed to normal. To contact, Grain Valley Police Department call our office at (816) 847-6250.