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posted on 6/28/23

Grain Valley, Missouri (June 27, 2023) - We are excited to announce that we will soon deploy two patrol vehicles with automated license plate readers (LPRs). With new resources and up-to-date tools/technology, we wanted to answer some common questions and concerns about these readers. 

How do license plate readers work? License plate readers are becoming increasingly common in law enforcement agencies across the country and with other Kansas City Metro agencies. These systems are advanced cameras that scan license plates and cross-reference them with databases of information about suspicious vehicles, drivers, and criminal activity. 

What do license plate readers look for? When license plates are scanned, the system checks it against a database of known Silver Alerts, AMBER Alerts, suspected violent crimes, stolen vehicles, outstanding warrants, or other criminal activity. If a match is detected, the system automatically sends an alert to officers in the area.

Other concerns regarding privacy and data of everyday drivers: We are committed to ensuring the privacy and security of the data collected by our license plate reader system. We adhere to all relevant laws and regulations regarding data protection. 

According to Chief Ed Turner, “License plate readers have become standard law enforcement equipment in the region and throughout the country. To enhance safety in the community, GVPD will continue utilizing practical technology that promotes best practices.”

The license plate readers are scheduled to deploy in July 2023 - with stationary LPRs being considered for future deployments.